Previous Designs

As with my current designs, my previous work focused on hand-carved mishima inlay designs. For some pieces, particularly the Stacked Pentagons Series, I used brightly colored glazes to highlight complex, geometric patterns. On the more sparsely inlaid surfaces, I added deep recessed dimples to the clay and filled them with brightly colored, highly runny glazes to create the Flow Dots Series. I continue to create many of these designs in addition to my newer styles.

All of my work is porcelain, fired in an oxidation environment. Please visit my about page to learn more about my process and inspirations. Click on the images below for a slideshow and more details on each piece and series.

Early Work

All of my early work was wheel-thrown porcelain, fired to cone 5 in an oxidation environment. I was drawn to fine-lined mishima from the start and accented the linework with fields of brightly colored glaze. View my current designs to see newer mishima styles.