The Wild Side 

Frenzy Collection

My frenzy collection began as a rebellion to the precision and focus required to create my mishima, birch, and charcoal collections. After spending hours at a time on each intricate piece, I often found myself with a lot of pent up energy. One day, I happened to have a big bucket of dyed slip sitting open next to me, and I went for it. I grabbed half a dozen brushes and started splattering unsuspecting bowls with intense cobalt blue and gunmetal gray. It felt fast paced and free...and messy! The process gave me the chance to expel all of that extra energy, and it resulted in surprisingly dynamic pots. I quickly decided to develop a line of work that embraces this more spirited side of my working style. I typically wheel throw or hand build pieces for the collection and set them aside until I need a day of play. I use bold strokes and playful forms decorated with traditional blue slip and gray accents for a fun, minimalist collection that's great for everyday use.

Please click on the images below for a larger slideshow and more details on each piece. You can find more on my process and inspirations on my about page.